About us

Tetra Tech Sudamérica S.A. is part of the multinational Tetra Tech and is devoted to engineering and consulting services for mining, metallurgical processes, and plant and infrastructure engineering. The company has broad experience serving clients in Chile and Latin America.

It stands out for its vast knowledge of major mining projects in Chile and Latin America, relying on highly qualified staff, management of state-of-the-art tools, and strong commitment and flexibility with its clients under stringent quality standards and confidentiality protocols.

In 2011, Tetra Tech acquired 100% of Metálica Consultores S.A. (today, Tetra Tech Chile S.A.), a leading mining consulting company both in Chile and Latin America.

Currently, Tetra Tech Sudamérica S.A. can easily harness the experience of a network of more than 22,000 Tetra Tech practitioners, engineers and scientists from around the world.